Press Release Basel 2014

Braun Watches, Clocks and Calculators

Basel Fair press release - March 2014


Braun watches


New: Brown leather straps – BN0021, 24, 35

Braun classic watches, recognised the world over for their pure design aesthetic now come with a beautiful brown leather strap. The premium strap is crafted from natural leather and the back of the strap has circular depressions to enhance the comfort of the wearer’s experience.


New: Classic GMT world timer watch – BN0142

Three new watch models are being launched at the Basel fair with a GMT / dual time Ronda movement. The watch draws inspiration from the iconic Braun AW24 of the 1980’s.  


New: Classic full ceramic watch – BN0171

A concept watch that has become reality. The lines of this fully ceramic watch translates Braun’s tradition of “Less is More” into a beautiful modern idiom. Two versions will be available: The iconic Braun black and unique stone beige.


New: Classic Ana-Digi watch – BN0159

For the first time, Braun has produced a dual analogue – digital watch. This watch combines the classic elements of an analogue watch with the functional aspects of a digital watch. The digital functions include: dual time, day, date, alarm, chronograph and an EL backlight. The rubber strap, specially designed for comfort, makes this watch a pleasure to wear. There are four colour versions, including a striking titanium coloured case, grey dial and cool grey strap.


New: Classic ladies coloured leather straps

The current Braun BN0031 ladies watch has been so popular that Braun has brought out three leather strap versions in vibrant fresh colours. This is a major departure from the ever popular grey and black straps.    


Awards 2014:

Prestige analogue watch – BN0095

Following the IF and Red dot awards of 2013, this unique German made Prestige analogue watch was recognised once again – this time receiving four German Design Awards from a jury of leading international design experts in 2014.

The case of this watch is carved of one single block of steel. The one-piece’ construction eliminates the need for a case-back and in turn removes the element of potential leakage. The Swiss movement is mounted into the case from the top before being covered and sealed by the sapphire crystal, allowing the Braun designers to taper the bottom part of the watch elegantly and attach the band lugs in such a way that is not possible with conventional watch construction. Implementing new technical solutions for the benefit of functionality has always been an important part of the Braun design tradition.



Braun clocks


New: Classic analogue clocks – BNC011 + BNC012

Braun clocks announces the launch of two entirely new analogue clock designs at the Basel Fair 2014. BNC011 (The Switch clock) inspired by a light switch has a unique intuitive switch concept to turn on/off the alarm.

BNC012 (The Cut clock) is a beautifully conceived clean and simple analogue clock which has been designed to appear to be cut away from a cylindrical tube.


New: Digital VA LCD Clock – BNC016

The BNC016 clock has been designed with ergonomics in mind. The display is slightly titled back for better legibility and in combination with the VA LCD provides outstanding clarity from all angles. The large snooze surface is cleverly integrated into the thin housing at the back of the clock also providing solid footing. Overall this is a slim, functional and ergonomic clock from Braun.

Technical details about LCD: Vertical alignment (VA) displays are a form of LCDs in which the liquid crystals naturally align vertically to the glass substrates. When no voltage is applied, the liquid crystals remain perpendicular to the substrate creating a black display between crossed polarizers. When voltage is applied, the liquid crystals shift to a tilted position allowing light to pass through and create a gray-scale display depending on the amount of tilt generated by the electric field. The resulting appearance to the viewer is remarkable.


Braun calculators


New: white calculator launch – BNE001WH

Following the success of the Black ET66 re-launch, a limited edition white version will be released at the Basel Fair 2014. Originally in black, the ET66 was collaboratively designed by Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams and was recognised as one of Braun’s most iconic designs. Never released in white until now.



Awards 2014


German Design Award 2014 – BN0095 Prestige analogue watch


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