BraunTime2014 Campaign

For the first time in almost two yearsa new collection of Braun watches will see its global launch on 13 August 2014. Three new clocks and a limited edition white calculator complete the collection and will be available later in the year. In keeping with the brand’s clean, minimalist aesthetic, this collection has been carefully curated both in terms of design and product range.


This eagerly awaited collection comprises a number of ‘firsts’ in the range; the first Braun dual analogue-digital watch; the first Braun full ceramic watch; and the first ladies coloured leather strap selection. With these new products, Braun watches continue to push the boundaries of innovative, functional design.


The legacy of revered former Braun creative leads Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams is engrained in the Braun watches, clocks, and calculators range. This new collection pays subtle homage to retrospective design and Braun’s functional design heritage with new innovations such as the circular depressions on the inside of the watch straps which were designed with a view to optimal ergonomics and work to enhance comfort.


The calibre of materials used in this collection including the scratch resistant ceramic and soft, supple strap leathers sees the quality of Braun watches elevated to new heights.


New collection global launch: 13th August, 2014. #BraunTime2014.

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